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i just build my own place to stay in sims2 unviversity, my dorm. my own caracter is staying in it. But how do i get other people to come and stay at my dorm that i created? in the game i phoned the university to get registered. please help. thanks.
Asked at 07:24 on Sunday 10 April 2005 by Frank (ovcrash) Report this Question

3 Answers
you cant build your own dorms. (the cheat is not true)
maybe you applied for a greek house charter
Answered at 15:03 on Sunday 10 April 2005 by clariss ann (clariss)
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There is in fact a cheat that can be entered to make your own Dorm and YES it does work
Here is a post from another forum i visit This again DOES work

also You can download dorms premade as well

Build a dorm on a University lot. Then type in Ctrl shift and C at the same time. At the top of the screen you should get a small white bar. In there type changeLotZoning dorm
then exit the lot when you re-enter it should be a dorm. Make sure you remember to but a stove( the new ones) in your kitchen so the cook will come and prepare all the food.
hope this helps

Some places to download some nices ones include

these below are Hack free so are safe and will not add anything to your game that may possibly cause issues



there are also some at TSR and MTS But Please be cautious and check for hacks and such so that none slip in and mess up your game
Answered at 21:16 on Sunday 10 April 2005 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
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If you had to make a call to register your property, it's likely a fraternity or sorority rather than a dorm. If you invite a friend of the Sim that lives on the property in question over, click on them and see if "Ask To Pledge" is an option. If so, you've got yourself a Greek House.
Answered at 14:44 on Monday 18 April 2005 by Madame_Shake
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