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Where do I find the spell champ zizzle? Polly Nomial has said I can do the spelling competition, but I keep getting told I need the spell champ zizzle!! Please help! I have looked everywhere. I am a nerdie.
Asked at 20:57 on Wednesday 13 April 2005 by Lisa Milne (Snooky) Report this Question

2 Answers
Hello! Just got the spell champ zizzle! You don't need to be a nerdie to get it. I was asked by Luther Bigbucks if I wanted to become a richie and I said yes and he gave me it along with the clubhouse keys. You get the spell zizzle when you have 10 rep points. Vital for getting 10 points in each catergory is getting minus 10 relationship with your rep group's rival king or queen - like annoying Darius if you are a richie, or annoying roxanna if you are a nerdie etc.
Hope this helps everyone!
Answered at 18:24 on Friday 15 April 2005 by Lisa Milne (Snooky)
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Oooohh.. so THIS is how you get the last rep point! Thanks! ^_^
Answered at 01:19 on Sunday 24 April 2005 by Ayana (AyanurRs)
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