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ts2 is fun but still nothing like the original dont you agree?
Asked at 17:41 on Saturday 23 April 2005 by Amanda (shine137) Report this Question

3 Answers
I really like The Sims 2, but when I first started playing it, I really missed the original sims with all the expansion packs. Now though after having The Sims 2 since Christmas and University since the day after it came out, I don't miss The Sims 1 that much, now I would rather play The Sims 2 any day. I know what you are saying though. It isn't like the original, I miss all of those expansion packs and all the things you could do. I like both all and all, but there are lots of things I miss about the original sims. So, I pretty much agree with you.
Answered at 20:31 on Saturday 23 April 2005 by Georgia Bilgishopatlir (Lassiedog)
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The Sims 2 is The Sims with very new aspiration gameplay. With University, there's new influence gameplay (Even it's just changing the wants and fears), and Lifetime AspiraTON. it's make TS2 is very different with TS1. TS1 is a neverending game. With no any goal. We just live them until they die because electroduced, drowned, or burned. It's pretty boring. I have a family in TS1. I have played them until 95 SimDay. But, still. The family never changed. The kids never grew up. The adult never get old and die.

I also miss very much TS1 objects. Like DJ Booth, Dancing Cage, Karaoke Machine, Going On Vacation, Pets, Crops, Make-A-Cake, and so on.

I miss TS1. But i love TS2

I tought it's relative depends by the players. But i say, i disagree with u. ;-)
Answered at 13:13 on Wednesday 27 April 2005 by Gilang M Hamidy (gilang)
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What crazy people (no offence)
Sims 2 is the best!!!

Sims 1 is so last billion years ago sims 2 is the latest craze

Sims 2 Roxs!!
Sims 1 Suxs!!

(sorry very hipoattive)

HoPe ThIs HeLpS
Answered at 09:01 on Thursday 30 June 2005 by olivia (blngblngbrd)
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