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Whenever I put in the Sims 2 disk to install it this error window comes up saying "The procedure entry point Glushfilebufgers could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll." What do I need to do?
Asked at 23:56 on Sunday 8 May 2005 by Arielle (prettyvacant) Report this Question

3 Answers
Kernel32.dll is a critical windows file, so if you have issues with that you have a problem with Windows.

Unless of course kernel32.dll is actually a duplicate file installed by various spyware programs that tell Windows to use that file instead of its own.
Answered at 01:12 on Monday 9 May 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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I have have similar problem with sims2 startup. "thunkconnect32 startpoint for procedure cannot be found in dynamic link library
Kernel32.dll". Give it "ok", and sims2 continues the load and seem to run ok. This prob came after
upgradring from win.me to xp sp2.
Have latest win-xp-updates, latest sims2 update cd-patch, and latest ati radeon 9200 xp-agp driver (catalyst). Also have have upgraded xp with latest directx 9c.
All other applics apart from sims2 run fine. Tried to run sims2 with -w -nosound param, but same err mess. Altering sims2 startup-logo to run under windows 98/me compatibility mode, and the error mess disappears !! Is sims2 nothappy with xp ???
Answered at 14:43 on Friday 30 December 2005 by erik (kireneew2)
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Found the solution:
Old nvidia-drivers were present
(nwqwtk.dll and nvcpl.dll), from previous nvidia agp-card. Not in use
sisnce I now have Ati-card. This did not matter as long asI used win-me,
but after upgrade to win-xp, sims2
seems to look into these nvidia-drivers, and present the thunkconnect error message. Must be some bug in sims2. Removed the two mentioned nvidia-files, and the error mess went away.
Answered at 13:57 on Sunday 1 January 2006 by erik (kireneew2)
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