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I have killed not one, but two celebrity Sims in my search for black roses. This was almost 3 weeks ago (in real people time, not Sim time, lol) and no black roses. My fam. lives on a magic town lot, will no fans drop roses b/c of this?
Asked at 12:03 on Monday 23 May 2005 by Rachel (SangriaBlue007) Report this Question

3 Answers
You don't need to do that! If you would like... I can give you a web site that has great items for this.
http://livin-it-up.net/ has great stuff.

Go to the Hacked link. (Some people hate hacks, but these are safe.) Its under the first one named "cheats." Then you want the
wooden type stump. it is about the 3rd one down and it has all charms and crystals and i think a bean stalk. And another download for spells is on the 2nd page which has the very last one... FREE MAGIC!

But if you just want the price of fame.... just download the 2nd down that just has the gold star.
Answered at 20:12 on Wednesday 25 May 2005 by z (birdyfly)
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Also on that site is a statue that can give you black roses... it's in the hacked, then cheats section.
Answered at 08:32 on Sunday 5 June 2005 by Ellie (Jello_bomb)
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You shouldnt kill your sims, take care of them an obsessed fan will come and drop black roses.... Dont take good care of your fans couse then the obsessed fan will stopp coming..... This worked for me on a magic town lot....
Answered at 17:29 on Thursday 3 November 2005 by velma
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