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ok i found the bulletin board and i read all of the notes and i dont get any of them
Asked at 00:49 on Thursday 2 June 2005 by Joey (deeptron) Report this Question

2 Answers
The note on the board that says the answer lies beyond the grave means the next clue is in the graveyard.
Answered at 18:57 on Saturday 4 June 2005 by Therese (Tezzy149)
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The first note on the board leads you to the museum. Go to the museum and go to the top right corner and search the bushes you will find another note leading you to the graveyard. Go there and go down to the area near the statue under the bridge and near there you will see two gravestones go up to the one on the left and search behind it. You will find a note it says, "To find this note will be another feather in his hat". Now go to Berkley Clod and give him the note. And you will have a convosation with him he will give you a briefcase for you to give to Giuseppi Mezzoalto but don’t first go to Detective Dan Mann talk to him and click on ‘Give gift’ then give him the briefcase. He will bug it. Then talk to Giuseppi Mezzoalto then do ‘Give gift’ and give him the bugged briefcase. You will have a convosation with him after you have given it to him. Either of the choices will do.
Answered at 12:32 on Wednesday 15 June 2005 by Princess (vampireprincess)
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