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Can't remove tiles in the Sims 2. I decided to tear apart the complete house. On the second story, there are a few tiles that can't be deleted. There is nothing on them whatsoever and no stairs are connected to them. Why can't they be deleted?
Asked at 21:21 on Monday 6 June 2005 by Hannes Sjöberg (Zewu) Report this Question

3 Answers
Ceiling lights perhaps?

Common problem, always has been ever since Hot Date.
Answered at 00:11 on Tuesday 7 June 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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Yes it could be ceiling lights or stairs, but they can be deleted if there is a wall or first story under them. I assume you have deleted the first story? Put pillars under the tiles and it will be able to be deleted (hopefully :p)
Answered at 05:22 on Wednesday 14 September 2005 by Johanna Nagels (johanna250)
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Hannes, I'm not sure that I could help you but I think we know each other? If you'd email me I'd like to talk to you! Thanks! Woody You have my email address, I'm sure!
Answered at 02:33 on Wednesday 5 October 2005 by Woody Crosthwaite (uthleadr)
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