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I got an NPC to pledge and be accepted. Since they do not have a home I can go to and make the call, how do I get them to move in? Or can I make them playable?
Asked at 23:39 on Friday 17 June 2005 by Ken Heberling (kheberling) Report this Question

2 Answers
you need to cheat, well use use a
"cheating" download anyway.
go here: http://www.simlogical.com/grah/Sims2Pages/Sims2MiscObjects.htm

get a teleporter
summon your npc
use the teleporter to move them in
make your call

go to either:

look for merola's mind control mirror
it can be used to make any sim on the lot selectable (controllable) without the bother of moving them in.
useful for idiot nannies
Answered at 03:54 on Sunday 10 July 2005 by Amy (kitiara)
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Go to the Frat or Sorority NPC is pleged to. Invite NPC over. If they leave, wait for decent hour, then call them back. After a certin amount of time (i'm not sure how much), a sign will pop up saying NPC has spent enough time at the house, and for you to tell them to move in. Pick playable sim with good enough relationship with NPC (i always use the one who asked them to join). Click on NPC. Choose "Propose" "Move in". Ta-Da! Instant Playable Sim! No Dowloads! No Cheat Codes! (unless you use one to be friends in the first place)

Hope that helps.
Answered at 22:02 on Saturday 19 May 2007 by Patricia Murphy (SimSeeker87)
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