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I was about to install S2U when a window popped up reminding me to back up my existing S2 files (just in case) following the directions from the readme. However, I can't find a readme anywhere. Can someone tell me how to back up my S2 files?
Asked at 19:56 on Wednesday 29 June 2005 by soyned Report this Question

4 Answers
On the CD.
Answered at 00:42 on Thursday 30 June 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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well i cant tell you how but i would read pg 3 in the book the part about installing the game because i didnt and intstalled it in the same place big mistake i lost everything i had to take every sims 2 file of and reinstall them
Answered at 22:17 on Tuesday 16 August 2005 by jade tapson (jadetapson)
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Open up the CD using Windows Explorer and go to Support->en-us (or whichever folder for your language). That is where you will find the ReadMe file. Basically, it states to backup all the files found in your Documents folder to a safe location, even suggestiing burning them to a CD. After you do that for all the users on your computer (including All Users), you can proceed to install S2U.
Answered at 21:18 on Thursday 19 January 2006 by Patrick Stutzman (Starspeed)
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I agree with the first person
Answered at 01:52 on Wednesday 15 March 2006 by Susy (ABEDHEAD)
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