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If a Sim is engaged, how do you break it to have them marry someone else?
Asked at 05:08 on Wednesday 13 July 2005 by Louise (sneeze042) Report this Question

4 Answers
get the two sims' relationship right down, argue all the time and make one of them get caught cheating! then there should be an option to end it.
Answered at 21:56 on Friday 15 July 2005 by Aimee (Scotty14)
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Maybe you can make your sim inlove with another and make sure that one sim with whom you are engaged sees you with the other and become jealous and so on....
Answered at 09:48 on Saturday 16 July 2005 by Raluca (SimsAddicted)
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cool, thanks!
Answered at 04:20 on Tuesday 26 July 2005 by Louise (sneeze042)
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Whenever you make the other sim mad and you argue at one point you will get the option thats says "Break Up".

I cheated on the sim i was engaged with and thats what happened. I used a cheat and the sim I made mad was around -30 or so on the bottom relationship bar. When the option to break up appeared.
Answered at 09:59 on Tuesday 13 December 2005 by Rick (Kidkwik)
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