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I downloaded this really cool looking bed and it was a love bed! Well I had my two sims "play in bed" and a baby popped up out of no where and then it said its a boy and asked for the name! It didnt even give me the option if I wanted a kid!Is it the bed?
Asked at 07:22 on Friday 12 August 2005 by Alicia (BabySimsr2cute) Report this Question

3 Answers
*ahem* did you get the pamphlet in 5th grade? lol. this is what happens if you make your sims have sex. poof a baby! like real life.. durh. you DO know that that is what "play in bed" means don't you?
Answered at 19:16 on Wednesday 17 August 2005 by kristen (-kristen)
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Well duh! Have you ever played the sims...bc a baby doesnt pop out of no where, it actually asks you if you want one.... come back to reality... the sims is a game NOT REAL LIFE!!
Answered at 21:23 on Wednesday 17 August 2005 by Alicia (BabySimsr2cute)
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Perhaps you accidentally tapped the space bar or enter at the moment when the "do you want to have a baby" screen came up. That kinda thing has happened to me before, because I use the space bar to cycle through the family members.
Answered at 02:02 on Thursday 15 September 2005 by Johanna Nagels (johanna250)
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