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how do you add ingredients..sometimes i have like 15 ingredients and it only lets me access 4 or 5, is there a way to get it to let me add the ones i need?
Asked at 03:12 on Saturday 21 February 2004 by a h (scubaangel) Report this Question

3 Answers
Availability depends on whether you are using the Wand Charger or the EverAfter Crafter since spell ingredients differ from those used in charms (spell recipes never require beeswax, golden thread, magic beans, llama spit, rubber chicken, diamond dust, sands of time, dragon scales, pegasus feather, 4 leaf clover or glacial glass and charms never require butter, toadstools, toad sweat, pixie dust, honey, grapes, garlic, snake venom, dragon tears, clown confetti or wizard eyelashes). Hope this helps!
Answered at 08:14 on Saturday 21 February 2004 by Dave (hardhatdc)
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whats an everafter crafter
Answered at 00:25 on Thursday 21 April 2005 by sandy (sandradee3)
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an ever-after crafter lets you make charms which are different from spells. and what's that other guy talking about. SPELLS very often DO require snake venom, garlic, grapes, honey, dragon scales, pixie dust or toad sweat.
Answered at 17:39 on Friday 30 September 2005 by Black_Cat_13
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