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want to make ur pet have all advanced skills? click here!
Asked at 18:00 on Sunday 21 August 2005 by z (birdyfly) Report this Question

4 Answers
Well this is wut u do. first, if u have the magic mirror or something to refresh ur mood that will work the best. But if u don't jus use the move_objects on cheat and put the sim and pet both in a SMALL room with NO doors. and when their mood gets low jus delete them both and let them come back but pause it before they choose to do somethin and put them back in that room.

obedience- (sit and stay) pause the game. No items to destract them (both sim and pet) and click on dog/cat with sit and stay option until u hear that noise that means that u cant get anymore items to work. Keep doin this until the skills r full to a 10. ps. easier with clever pets but works with any pets.

house breaking- (dogs) place in the room water and food, toliet (if u want), bed. Now when the mood get low do not delete the dog until it relieves itself. scold it and the dog will get a point. keep doin this until it gets a 10.

tricks- If u do not want the trainer... u can try to train the pet urself. again, small room and delete them both when they r tierd and upset. do this until u get as far as u can and then give the pet to the pro.

hunting- (cats) Well this one is the worst! the room does not work so let them out. My cat only has one skill of this so if u kno an easy way please share it.
Answered at 18:10 on Sunday 21 August 2005 by z (birdyfly)
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I'm not sure this works but anyway:
Hunting (cats): when you see the white mice things, click on your cat(s) and there will be the interaction hunt-mice. Click on it and if you have one cat then you can click it until the interaction is gone.
NOTE:You have to wait until the cat has finished killing one mouse for it to work.
NOTE:This would work best if you were best friends with your cat, if your cat is NOT independant and if he/she is clever
Answered at 23:11 on Sunday 21 August 2005 by Emma Donnelly (Simgirl_2005)
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thank u
Answered at 00:38 on Monday 22 August 2005 by z (birdyfly)
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that cheat is rubbish. there is a bowl on c-and-c-enterprises that gives you all the skills anyway. Plus the hunting one is wrong. Get the sim to click on the CAT not the mice. Don't you people know anything?
Answered at 19:30 on Sunday 12 February 2006 by Akimi Saruwatari (cooliekitty)
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