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after installing University/Nightlife expansion pack the instalation starts a mandatory update, and then it crashes when patching *a file* or doesn't do anything. Why does this happen?
Asked at 05:13 on Thursday 25 August 2005 by mayonesiac Report this Question

5 Answers
This can be caused if you're running anti-virus software.

Panda Platinum Internet Security Suite is known to cause this behaviour. I should know - I've seen it.

By its nature, a patch replaces various files and updates files. Anti-virus software monitors changes to files in this way and isn't always aware that what it's seeing is legal activity so blocks it.

If using Panda, right-click the Panda icon and choose Close Automatic Protection. Then reinstall University, the patch should now go through with no problems. Panda will reactivate itself on the next reboot.

This process may be needed for other anti-virus solutions. Be careful to turn the anti-virus protection back on after your game has been patched - Norton in particular is quite good at staying disabled until it tell it otherwise.

This information can also apply to Nightlife.
Answered at 23:02 on Thursday 15 September 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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mine happened for the new game, pets. So i have norton i should shut it off and then try to install but turn it on after installing
Answered at 02:52 on Monday 23 October 2006 by taylor (ndnumber1fan)
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A very big thank you Neil for your answer. Ive just got a new PC with Panda and have been trying to install exp pets for the last 24hrs with no luck and ive searched loads of sites and have found no help. I read yr suggestion and got a bit excited lol sorry but i did. Anyway im very happy to say that after closing the auto protection i was able to install the game with no problem. THANKX.

Might also have to close the auto protect with Business as i couldnt install it earlier.
Answered at 02:09 on Friday 22 December 2006 by Bianca (Akirany)
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Open For Business, I found, seems to be happier with Panda running and patching problems are non-existant.

But I have since upgraded my Panda to the 2006 version so this thread may only be an issue with Panda 2005 and other anti-virus solutions.
Answered at 22:03 on Friday 22 December 2006 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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