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I've created a wall using "Homecrafter" and it shows up fine there. Only problem is when I export it to "The Sims" game to decorate my house with it...it's a no-show. How come it doesn't showup in the wallpapers? Do I need expansion packs?
Asked at 06:47 on Thursday 1 September 2005 by allsweetness71 Report this Question

3 Answers
Homecrafter isn't designed to make wallpaper, carpet and grass for Sims 1. It's only for Sims 2.
Answered at 10:15 on Thursday 1 September 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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er, how come it works with mine.... and i am using SIMS1 with all the expansions....
Answered at 10:38 on Friday 28 October 2005 by thegreatsphynx
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HomeCrafter works just fine with even just Sims Deluxe Edition. Maybe you just didn't actually export the wall.
Answered at 04:05 on Sunday 22 January 2006 by Melissa (MelVido)
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