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where can u find vampires downtown? And how can u tell if a sim is a vampire?
Asked at 23:04 on Saturday 17 September 2005 by simgirl05 Report this Question

3 Answers
just by the look and if you talk in the sun you will find out (and if you look at them some of them just look like it
Answered at 02:56 on Tuesday 20 September 2005 by taylor (ndnumber1fan)
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Vampires- the girls have white skin and the boys have very pale blue. They also have red eyes and fangs!
Answered at 19:11 on Friday 23 September 2005 by Me (helpinuonurbz)
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vampires come out at night in DOWNTOWN only but its like totally random...and if u see a vampire TALK TO HIM IMMEDIATLY 'cos i once was playin cards with other simsa vampire came in and talked with someone else and went just as i was about to talk to him!! Im still not a vampire :-( but soon i will be!!!Muwhahahahahahaha!!
Answered at 13:57 on Wednesday 4 January 2006 by Rob (Dark_Wolf)
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