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My sim in university had a friend and then one day when she went to call him, he was not on her list. I checked on the college campus thing, and he wasn't there either. But he is one of the sims that I created, so he didn't graduate. What gives?
Asked at 02:15 on Sunday 30 October 2005 by goodgirl2127 Report this Question

4 Answers
It sounds as if he might've been on her lot (e.g. walking by her house) when she tried to call. Either that or he might've been on the phone with another member of the household or, if your Sim lived in a dorm, he might've even been hiding in one of the NPCs rooms. I don't know why Sims do that, but that's probably what happened.
Answered at 13:40 on Thursday 17 November 2005 by Madame_Shake
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Do you think he might've died?
Answered at 05:58 on Monday 13 February 2006 by simgurl
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No, I doubt so... His phone might've broke.

Also, what I had happen was that people kept dissapearing from the list and then the game became slower and slower and one day they all appeared on my front porch and just stood there for days and days without going hungry or tired or moving. I used the move_objects on cheat to delete them and then the game worked fine afterwards.
Answered at 22:46 on Friday 5 May 2006 by Sessy
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You may be trying to call him while he is at work if he is not a college kid or at class. That will take him off your list sometimes.
Answered at 02:39 on Thursday 20 March 2008 by Supervisor
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