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Okay dis what happened everybody is depressed and dont wanna work what should I do and they're broke
Asked at 17:28 on Monday 31 October 2005 by Aliberty Wesley (porkey) Report this Question

4 Answers
to get more money (i remember dis from my old sims game): hold Ctrl,shift and c, then type in rosebud and then it will say "this cheat doesn't exist!" (or something like that)Ignore that, keep pressing enter and u'll get more money!
Answered at 19:46 on Tuesday 1 November 2005 by simgirl05
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or you can refresh your sims. Press Ctrl+Shift+C and type "move_objects on" without the quotes. Then go to buy mode (F2) and click on your sim(s) and delete him/her. Afterwards, go to live mode(F2), click on the icon of your sim(s) and he/she will appear and fully refreshed. all motives are green....
Answered at 10:51 on Monday 7 November 2005 by thegreatsphynx
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There is a object you can download. It refreshes all your moods.

To get money Press Ctrl+Shift+C and type rosebud;:! Then hit enter.
What I do is put a piece of tape on the enter button till I have enough money : )
Answered at 02:12 on Tuesday 8 November 2005 by Nikki (Nicoletta)
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Moving refreshes everyone's mood, but of course if you're broke you can't move. Unless your house is worth a lot and you just don't have any cash on hand. You can tell depressed Sims to go to work even if they don't decide on their own to do it.
Answered at 15:20 on Thursday 1 December 2005 by Sorcererlady
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