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Can you make your Sims have different amounts of intelligence? I don't mean like skills, I mean actual innate amounts of brain, like having a dumb Sim and a smart Sim.
Asked at 13:47 on Thursday 10 November 2005 by Sorcererlady Report this Question

4 Answers
Technically? No. However, you can make a Sim appear less intelligent by doing a number of things:

1.) When creating their personality, give them 0 neat points, 10 playful points, 10 outgoing points, 0 active points and it probably wouldn't hurt to make them nice, as well. This should create a Sim who stands around slackjawed (a mouth breather), plays a lot of video games, bathes in the sink from time to time, eats out of the garbage, passes a lot of gas and says "buddy, buddy" in Simlish & points at people whenever they walk into a room (among other things).

2.) If you do keep their skills low, they'll obviously be more likely to do stupid things like burn food and get themselves electrocuted.

3.) Sim children take much longer to do homework and appear less intelligent if nobody teaches them to study (they don't ever ask anyone to help them with their homework).

4.) Children of Sims who don't attend University also appear to learn skills more slowly than children of University educated parents.

Hope that helps! And to make an "intelligent" Sim (or a Sim that appears more intelligent), give them high neat & active personality points and low nice, outgoing and playful points & make sure they're well skilled.
Answered at 13:59 on Thursday 17 November 2005 by Madame_Shake
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Thank you.
Answered at 13:46 on Tuesday 29 November 2005 by Sorcererlady
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I have another question about the sims two. Will you be able to give your sims a nationality? This question has been annoying me. I know you can make your sims have different skin tones but is there something you can use to say your sim is french, italian, etc.?
Answered at 16:23 on Tuesday 13 December 2005 by Sorcererlady
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Okay. I got a version of the sims 2 so my question has been answered, and your sims can't be different nationalities. I wish they could. I think I have like seven sims that I would describe as "arabian" but you can't officially say that!
Answered at 15:11 on Tuesday 3 January 2006 by Sorcererlady
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