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Is there an object that can maximize the skills or a cheat that you can edit a sim while playing him?
Asked at 10:42 on Thursday 17 November 2005 by Popi (popitsa6) Report this Question

4 Answers
Merola64's Multi Painting will maximize skills. It'll also do a variety of other things like add or subtract days from your Sims life, maximize needs, max aspiration, etc. You can find it at http://www.simchaotics.net/Files/MerolaSims2/MultiPainting.htm - I've been using it in my game forever and haven't experienced any problems with it.
Answered at 14:38 on Thursday 17 November 2005 by Madame_Shake
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I have the Sims 1 and when u first make a sim u make them a kid and then u click OK for that person. Then u click on the kid that u just made and edit them (the picture with the halt drawed person) and turn them into an adult. Now ur person has alot of extra skill points.
Answered at 17:33 on Sunday 20 November 2005 by Callah (Konkerb)
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boolprop testingcheatsenabled true


just drag the bars.. works on almost everything
Answered at 09:35 on Wednesday 14 December 2005 by clariss ann (clariss)
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Ya, go on Modthesims2.com
Answered at 11:37 on Friday 20 January 2006 by Catriona (Catriona)
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