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One of my sims has been abducted by aliens twice and now his personality stats are all messed up - he does things like pee on the floor now. Is there a way to fix them?
Asked at 16:12 on Wednesday 25 February 2004 by Lisa Wilson (princess7199) Report this Question

3 Answers
You can fix his personality stats using the crystal ball (difficult and tedious) or you can download one of the many 'hacked' objects that will increase personality points.
Answered at 19:16 on Thursday 26 February 2004 by Brandy (Faerygardn)
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Yes u can and its in the sims delexue ed or the sims livin it up. u just look throu the telescope at night and they get abducted. Nuthin much happens they just float off and they will come bak in a few hours with ther personality mixed up! I also herd in thesims2 the aliens can inpreginate men as well as women (this will b fun 2 c)

Hope ive helped:)

Charlotte xxx
Answered at 15:05 on Sunday 30 May 2004 by Charlotte Woods (bumface878)
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In addition to Charlotte's answer, Its exactly 12:00 midnight and In america the expansion pack is called Livin' Large. If a kid gets abducted, they come back only liking to talk about Aliens. This can happen with the Horrowitz "Star-Track" Backyard Telescope which you can buy for 2, 100 simoleans. The sim that is abducted will be gone for 6 to 12 hours. (This is a good time to have an affair :D)
Answered at 19:41 on Thursday 3 June 2004 by Marie (SimInNeed)
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