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i see a lot of downloads that talk about having a mesh or not having a mesh, what is a mesh and where can i download one?
Asked at 10:48 on Sunday 4 December 2005 by Kojax (kojax_rebel) Report this Question

2 Answers
a mesh is a full body dressed
and most are hand made,you load
them in tour skin floder;but frist
you should download sims cop at
sims com,because some meshs
have bad files in them and can cash
your game sims cop scans your
skins and other files and removes
the bad ones
Answered at 02:37 on Thursday 9 February 2006 by Dennis V argason (dennis53)
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PC answer: I understand File Cop is for The Sims 1 only. For The Sims 2, downloads ending with *.Sims2Pack, *.zip and *.rar are compressed versions that should contain a *.package file. I download them separately from the game, scan for viruses, then extract the .package files to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads folder. What you get is usually an image only. The mesh is a shape that is either already installed or you need to do it yourself to the same /Downloads folder. Most of the time while you're downloading there is a link to acquire the mesh. This linking is done in respect and tribute to the mesh designer (who is usually someone else.) All Skin, hair and makeup are independant from the clothing. You can browse for and install them separately the same way.
Answered at 14:48 on Friday 2 February 2007 by David Tyner (PlainOldGuy)
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