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Okay - if I want to have a baby , how do I do it ? Do I have to adopt ? Someone told me taht a genie comes when you are making out and asks if you want one. Can Sims get pregnant in Sims 1 ?
Asked at 22:36 on Sunday 4 December 2005 by Savvy (RadioLUXY) Report this Question

3 Answers
Get two sims in love, stick a bunch of Kiss Passionately orders in the queue and repeat until you get asked whether you want a baby.

Do this around 3-5pm sim time. Seems to improve the odds for some reason.

There is no adoption in Sims 1, though there is a third party tool you can get from somewhere (I forget where) to add the option. No pregnancy either, babies appear in a puff of flowers.
Answered at 00:59 on Tuesday 6 December 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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There is adoption in Sims One. You get a phonecall that says "Would you like to adopt a baby?" Usually sims have to be in love to do it but I've heard that a single sim or a group of sims that aren't a married couple can get it on very rare occasions.
Answered at 16:15 on Tuesday 13 December 2005 by Sorcererlady
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i am stuck on this too but my couple are same sex, does the same rule apply sorcererlady?
Answered at 13:08 on Wednesday 12 April 2006 by Debbie Tregaskis (debzi1604)
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