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can sims have tripplets?(without downloading things)
Asked at 19:40 on Tuesday 20 December 2005 by katie (droxilock) Report this Question

3 Answers
idk ppl have been sayin they can but i dont even no how to get them pregnant!!
Answered at 20:45 on Sunday 25 December 2005 by Hannah (cheerchic_7)
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I have heard that you can and some ppl even have. I have never had them myself but i am pretty sure that u can. Just keep trying and the more kids you have the better the chance. You can use the Tombstone of L and D. First you have to click shift, control and c at the same time then put boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat box and if you have 3 babies b4 6 pm they will be triplets. You have to click spawn... tombstone of l and d. Click get pregnant with... whoever you want. Then speed up pregnancy. Have 3 kids and they will be triplets... thats what i did...
Answered at 00:38 on Thursday 2 February 2006 by Taylor (Taye)
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To get them pregnant you get them to:
a) sit in a car
b) relax on a double bed
c) sit in the hot tub and cuddle each other
d) get them to go in the photo booth together
e) go try on clothes on a community lot and click join
then do try for baby. Without a cheat you can have twins but i don't think you can have triplets.
Answered at 21:46 on Friday 5 May 2006 by Akimi Saruwatari (cooliekitty)
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