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I have sims deluxe,why is it my game messes up after installing expansion packs? Like it says "enter the right cd" then I put deluxe in and it reinstalls and still doesnt work
Asked at 08:39 on Thursday 26 February 2004 by rxyangl (rxyangl) Report this Question

7 Answers
If you put in unleashed then you have to put in that cd
Answered at 01:19 on Friday 27 February 2004 by Angela (ZZZDe)
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I tried that,but it says "wrong cd"
Answered at 02:09 on Friday 27 February 2004 by rxyangl (rxyangl)
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You have to use the CD of the latest expansion pack that you have installed. That means that if you have Makin' Magic, you need to use the MM cd 1 while playing. If you have Superstar, use Superstar CD 1 while playing and so on. Keep in mind the order of release to find out which CD you need to use:

The Sims - Livin' Large - House Party - Hot Date - Vacation - Unleashed - Superstar - Makin' Magic
Answered at 19:50 on Sunday 29 February 2004 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
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i have just installed makin magic and all the others in the right order but i have installed the sims and the sims double deluxe is this y wen i put in disk 1 for makin magic it sais plz insert the correct disk
Answered at 21:14 on Wednesday 14 April 2004 by liv (liviella)
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I am having the same problem.
I install Deluxe, no problem, install House Party, it installs, then goes to the play page and asks to insert the correct CD (which at this time House Party would be the correct CD.)
I ran a program reccommended for XP users, Safe Disc Patch
Still cannot get it right
I have all needed to run the program correctly. Even brought the computer in and had Windows reinstalled, more RAM, new graphics card..
made sure compatibility wasnt checked..
Still not working..
PLEASE..if anyone has any ideas..please let me know.
Answered at 20:06 on Saturday 26 June 2004 by Pam (pammid)
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I have the exact same problem as PAM! HELP!!!!!!
Answered at 21:47 on Saturday 12 March 2005 by dean railton (deanrailton)
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