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I have Sims DD, LL, HD, HP, Vacation, and Unleashed. I would like to build a restaraunt in my neighborhood. How can i relocate HD and VAC items to be used in Unleashed neighborhood?
Asked at 12:45 on Thursday 26 February 2004 by Kim Lariscy (misskim3058) Report this Question

4 Answers
You can use the categorizer to set HD and Vaction objects to show up in buy mode in the neighborhoods.
Answered at 19:36 on Thursday 26 February 2004 by Brandy (Faerygardn)
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you need to find and download Sim Categorizer wich is very simple to use. It shows you the object then you get to pick where you can use it. Sometimes some things wont work tho. Like stoves with NPC's. so if that happens don't freak out just use a different one that works
Answered at 08:25 on Friday 16 April 2004 by Sara (ShuckSmart)
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Answered at 05:10 on Monday 26 September 2011 by hongye0207
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Answered at 07:25 on Monday 30 January 2012 by barry (beatbarry)
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