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I've heard it can be done, but I am not sure how to start it. How does one build a basement?
Asked at 23:43 on Sunday 8 January 2006 by Patrick Stutzman (Starspeed) Report this Question

3 Answers
Never mind. I found it on http://thesims2.ea.com/exchange/
Answered at 00:13 on Monday 9 January 2006 by Patrick Stutzman (Starspeed)
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I'm not positive it will work but heres how i think you should do it.
First, do a foundation. (make it relitivly large cuz its easy) And then use the ground moving tool to deepen the ground, untill you can build a wall. (I know it doesn't make much sense now but it should in the game) try to build a wall and it will come up with errors and stuff untill ts deep enough. tell me if it works!!
Answered at 09:14 on Saturday 30 December 2006 by Kathryn (harmony994)
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what you do is make a foundation 1 scare all around the foundasoin bigger than you want and leaving the one scare all the way around holl it out and then then put some wall paper with a border on the botom in the foundasion and holl the ground out in the foundasion intill you see the border the level the ground out in the foundasion dercart put the siters in you may have to use contasion stairs and build the wrest of your house then play
Answered at 13:18 on Monday 23 July 2007 by sims2 boes (funney250)
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