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How do you take a game standard house from one neighborhood and move it to a created neighborhood? Is it the same for a house you create and want to move?
Asked at 19:16 on Thursday 19 January 2006 by Carl Adams (Falkon) Report this Question

2 Answers
download lot maganer from
sims recourse.com under progarms
it works good you can switch lots
or just the sims with it
Answered at 06:16 on Sunday 19 February 2006 by Dennis V argason (dennis53)
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Easyer Way:

Once you get into the neighborhood with the house you want click on the lots and houses Icon (The house button). Then click on the Move Lots or Houses to bin button. (The house with the arrow comming out of it). Then click on the house you want. After that click ok. If your house had items and people in it then they will go to the bin too. Once your done with that go to your new custom neighborhood. Click on the Lots and Houses button (The house button) and go the the occupied (if there is a family in it) or if there isent go to the unoccupied. The house will be under one of those catagories depending on if theres sims in it. Click on the house and drag it to a place on the map. Ta-da! All done!

~Happy Simming!
Answered at 19:02 on Sunday 4 February 2007 by Jessica (jess2746)
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