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I've intimidated Annie 2000 times and tasered her, my skills are all full but she won't turn into the Night Beast...this is getting old. Someone just help me!
Asked at 20:30 on Sunday 29 January 2006 by Hayley (girlygirl09) Report this Question

3 Answers
just intimidate her then it will say something like so look so mad it was scary (do not tase while intimidating) . after it says that then tase her and it should work....good luck!
Answered at 04:17 on Monday 30 January 2006 by Lindsay (l_goddess)
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Well i am havin the same problem but i think that it helps if you talk to her and ask her to give you a massage! She get really mad! hope it helps you a little bit! xSophiex
Answered at 00:44 on Saturday 15 April 2006 by Sophie (Sophie66)
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Well, talk to her first and ask if you can have a massage. Then she will get really angry. Leave her. Press square button to change your active perk (bottom right cormer) to taser. Walk near her and face her ( but don't greet her) and press circle to tase her.

I hope I helped you. If so, please e-mail me at quincy0819@yahoo.com

Answered at 13:46 on Monday 22 December 2008 by anne janeth (anne09_23rad)
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