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sometimes when i play the sims it just crashes for no reson i dont do anything to make it happen. why does it do this?
Asked at 10:14 on Tuesday 14 February 2006 by alexa (lel_rox) Report this Question

2 Answers
Have u downloaded alot? If you havnt I get it too. I dont have any problems now. But. If you do download, your computer may think that it is too much!:L)
Answered at 00:48 on Thursday 16 February 2006 by KKc Jordane (kaileibug134)
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Bad downloaded skins, bad downloaded objects, not enough computer memory, computer not powerful enough (too slow), video card not powerful enough (for The Sims class video processing), processes within computer stealing CPU power (like other memory-installed or memory-hogging programs running while you're playing The Sims - The Sims is a CPU hog all by itself!) . . . the list goes on and on.
Answered at 07:32 on Tuesday 14 March 2006 by Robert Livingston (weirdwallee)
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