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I have sims double deluxe, house party and livin it up. One of my sims now cannot use the toilet, when I click on the toilet, the arrow is grey and a box says 'no actions available'. Why does this happen and how can I fix it? the other sims r fine.
Asked at 11:44 on Saturday 28 February 2004 by marion simmons (mazmic) Report this Question

1 Answer
Best thing to do is use the move_objects cheat, select the Sim in question, delete them and return them.

Pause the game in either Build or buy mode. Press CTRL+SHIFT+C together, see a grey box appear top left? Type "move_objects on" (no quotes), press Enter, click on the Sim in question to pick him up, press Delete.

Go back into Live Mode with F1, now click on the face of the Sim you just deleted. He should come back and now be able to use the toilet and what not.

Turn off the move_objects cheat by going back into Build/Buy mode, holding CTRL+SHIFT+C together, typing "move_objects off", hit enter, go back to live mode.
Answered at 10:44 on Tuesday 2 March 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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