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Asked at 18:19 on Saturday 4 March 2006 by iluvromance Report this Question

4 Answers
go to the phone and click business and choose home business
Answered at 18:48 on Saturday 4 March 2006 by clariss ann (clariss)
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Oh don't forget the 'Open/Close' sign otherwise you'll have customers walking in and out of your territory non-stop! Hehe...
Answered at 08:24 on Tuesday 21 March 2006 by fida amran (fidainc)
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when you are in your house click on the phone and it says BUSINESS click on that then START HOME BUSINESS
Answered at 21:34 on Saturday 22 April 2006 by mikeplayerplay
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Yes this is all how you start a home business but the easiest way to make a home business is use your money to but the luxurys in your house treat yourself when you have been working for a long time make a outhouse and put a cash register and move all you unwanted posessions that you didn;t like. Even windows and doors and plants. Put them outside and inside and around your store and put them up for sale and you will make loads of money and earn money for your house and make sure your other family still works.

It is a gamble but in the long run it is easier and more fun to sell it in ur shop than to sell in the catologue
Answered at 22:01 on Monday 1 March 2010 by Jamie Shields (jamiedodger2395)
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