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Can sims be gay?
Asked at 12:18 on Sunday 5 March 2006 by Grace Perkins (perky) Report this Question

2 Answers
yes they can- if 2 men sims are living in a house, do this:

1- hold ctrl,shift and c then type in "boolprop testingcheatsenbled true"

2- hold shift and click on one of them and click "Spawn" then "sim modder"
and a figure of a bay will be there

3- click on relationships then "all to all" then "loves"

Then they'll be gay! If 2 fancy each other they can propose to each other, marry each other and woohoo with each other!!
(but they can't get pregnant unless u hold shift, click on the sims and click "tombstone of l and d and click "get pregnant with... then (sims name) then the guy will be pregnant!!) they can even have a snog!!

It works with female sims too!!
Answered at 20:29 on Sunday 5 March 2006 by simgirl05
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yuk! yes they can be gay because I made Olive Specter of Strangetown a lesbian with the miad called mackenzie chun and they can have woohoo! by the way the cheat is boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, you missed out the A. Does it work with Nightlife?
Answered at 21:36 on Saturday 29 April 2006 by Akimi Saruwatari (cooliekitty)
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