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Anyone know how to invite someone over, get a roommate, start a family???
Asked at 17:55 on Tuesday 7 March 2006 by Brandon Kline (bkline) Report this Question

5 Answers
every time someone comes to your home you have to tlak to them and
make frinds than call them on the phone and invite them over and more you invite therm and tlak to them the beter chance you have
to bring up your frindship level,be soure to feed them when they are at your home
Answered at 02:04 on Thursday 9 March 2006 by Dennis V argason (dennis53)
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you will eventually have the option to "propose", this could mean, engagement, move in or go steady. If you want them as a roommate, just ask them to move in.
Answered at 17:08 on Friday 10 March 2006 by Rochelle Ward (Scorpina2005)
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can u hav kids, like?
Answered at 14:56 on Sunday 18 June 2006 by Laura (xXCoolLauraXx)
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iev had a friend over and weve even "woohoo" but i still cant ask him to move in with me. any ideas? email me
Answered at 17:33 on Monday 29 October 2007 by emma jackson (nellie1001)
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i nead help too and i think answer nuber one is for pc not psp
Answered at 22:35 on Wednesday 23 April 2008 by jangofett890
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