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how do you turn your sim into a zombie?
Asked at 11:43 on Sunday 19 March 2006 by MeNTal-MOnkEy Report this Question

3 Answers
Kill it. Then plead with the grim reaper. If you're lucky the grim reaper will let your sim stay on as a zombie. I know that works in the sims one. I don't think there's the zombie feature in sims two for ps2, I had a sim die of nausea and he just turned into a funeral urn right away.
Answered at 20:12 on Monday 20 March 2006 by Sorcererlady
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What are the chances of the grim reaper not listening to your plea? Does it help in the pleading if your sim has a full aspiration or many reward points?
Answered at 12:43 on Friday 28 April 2006 by Sessy
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Hmmm hey this doesn't work. My most colourfull gay sim, Rock, died of pneumonia and his stepdaughter pleaded for his life and he stayed alive, but he remained brown and didn't get any zombielike tendencies. It just said he was cured from disease, that's all...
Answered at 00:19 on Monday 1 May 2006 by Sessy
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