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what program(s) do you need to create stuff for the sims 2
Asked at 13:22 on Sunday 9 April 2006 by greg mills (bumblebeepee69) Report this Question

1 Answer
It depends on what you want to make. If you want to make clothing, you need The Sims 2 Bodyshop (that comes with the game) and an photo-editing program (like Adobe Photoshop). If you want to make a recolor of an object you need the photo-editor as well as SimPe. If you want to make a mod, you just need SimPe. If you want to make a completely new object you need a program that can make 3D meshes. Some of these things are more complicated than others (the stuff I listed first is easiest and the stuff I listed last is harder). I suggest that you go to www.modthesims2.com - they have tutorials and forums where you can ask other creaters more complicated questions.
Answered at 04:31 on Saturday 29 July 2006 by Avalikia
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