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HELP! My Sims are rubbish when it comes to running a business. I know how to get started. But they always seem to be running at a loss. Any tips on running a successful business would really help. Thanks.
Asked at 11:25 on Sunday 16 April 2006 by Laila (eedgan) Report this Question

4 Answers
Make sure that your Sim has lots of money before running a business (use the cheat: motherlode)!!!
Answered at 11:12 on Saturday 13 May 2006 by andrew (1345gh)
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if u are starting a business for the first time i would say start a home bussiness its the easys job.( what i do is get a home business then i get a ticket machine and put it out side the door and turn the charge people to enter on. and people will come and pay to come and have fun)its sort of like a night club and u get the money if people like the entertment. and it u fances it a bit harder have a little toy shop upstairs. i hope i've helped u please write back and say how much i've help or if u need more help.
Answered at 19:28 on Thursday 8 June 2006 by thomas (mr-tom17)
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also u should hire LOTS of employes so ur sims won't get bored. tell ur emps to sell stuff, tend a bar etc. another tip is to not try anything to big in ur home buissnes unless u have a big house, don't try selling furniture in a small house. trust me i had expirience
Answered at 16:10 on Tuesday 12 February 2008 by Lee (simzsensation)
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If you want to make lots of money from your business, then do what I do. Place lots of hot tubs and jacuzzi's, then place several ticket machines just inside the doorway. The reason is because other Sims can see what you've got to offer. Also place a few Pinball machines as well. I've got a brilliant hack/mod, a shower that let's sims have sex with each other. Also build private accommodation for your Sim next to your business, then you can keep an eye on things 24/7. I started with a "home business", but my game kept on crashing. So I bought an empty commercial lot and moved my Sim onto the business lot.
Answered at 01:27 on Wednesday 30 November 2011 by Tim (MartiniMan)
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