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Where can I get The Sims for Linux?
Asked at 01:00 on Sunday 1 February 2004 by The Sims Zone Report this Question

4 Answers
You can currently buy it only from TransGaming. It costs $29.99. It also came with the Mandrake Linux 8.0 Game Edition, but that's no longer for sale.
Answered at 01:00 on Sunday 1 February 2004 by The Sims Zone
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what is linux?
Answered at 06:40 on Sunday 27 March 2005 by Kris (krisbaumsps)
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Alternatively you can sign up for Cedega (a transgaming subscription) that will run it reasonably well, but otherwise for games stick to windows
Answered at 19:08 on Sunday 17 June 2007 by stephen (Fallen_Demon)
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