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Can you die before you're an elder?
Asked at 16:48 on Sunday 28 May 2006 by alex hill (thedot) Report this Question

3 Answers
Yes you can, if it's by accident, like drowning, electrocution, starvation, etc.
Answered at 23:30 on Thursday 1 June 2006 by Shannon (shannon2710)
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or if you get hit by a sitelight
Answered at 04:18 on Thursday 7 December 2006 by miranda (Mssynicolemnl)
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Yeh, if you want to ressurect them just press ctrl+alt+c then type in unlockcarreerrewards then press enter then go to the sims inventory there should be two other options click the bottom one.
You will see a strange looking phone get that (costs $0) then call the grim reaper then offer the ammount you want to give for the dead sim.

$0 - He hangs up
$500-1000 - your sim comes back as a zombie
$3000-5000- your sim comes back normal but is angry etc...
$10,000- your sim comes back perfect but loses all relationships with other sims. :-( if that sim is married get the other sims and click on "romantic kiss" that will get their relation points back up.
Answered at 18:29 on Sunday 4 March 2007 by tom (kizzidea)
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