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where can i find a cookbook?
Asked at 17:58 on Friday 30 June 2006 by Evana (kittycat88) Report this Question

1 Answer
I dont know which sims game you are playing but if you want to boost your cooking skills up to 10 [on the sims 2 PS2 which i have] you have to buy a bookshelf from the buy catalogue (its in the skills section) and make your sim GRAB A BOOK from the bookshelf and READ COOKERY.... speed up the time by clicking R1 your sims cooking skill will boost hopefully. PS, i only found this out yesterday while playing my game, but the better mood your sim is in, the quicker they will boost their skills! Hope ive helped! sorry if i havent. Robyn x
Answered at 19:12 on Monday 3 July 2006 by Robyn (RobynKP)
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