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i know this sounds crazy but how can i find a burgaler i never see any and nothing but ghosts come to my sims house?
Asked at 00:20 on Monday 3 July 2006 by prettykitty252 Report this Question

5 Answers
if you dont have any phones in the house then put some phones.he usually calls a couple times then comes. but put up a bugalar alarm on your door (under the electronics) because when you call the police they take a really long time to get there.
Answered at 17:52 on Monday 3 July 2006 by Evana (kittycat88)
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whenever I have played the Caliente sisters home The burgler has shown up each time. Try playing that house. I am unsure what phones have to do with it i have never had a burgler call the house he just shows up and beaks in. Also there was a hack a long time go i forget which one now that left you actually make a burgler show up. Check Mod the sims see if they have a hack for it.
Answered at 21:00 on Wednesday 24 January 2007 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
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I used to see the burglar all the time but he hasn't shown up in forever. I like watching him get carried off by the police. LOL
Answered at 19:28 on Friday 26 January 2007 by Rochelle Ward (Scorpina2005)
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put a burgalur alarm in your house, do the boolprop cheat in the cheat window (boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true), then shift click the mailbox and click 'make NPC' keep clicking more untill you find 'Burgarlur' and click on him, within a few moment he should come!
Answered at 00:00 on Saturday 10 March 2007 by animalluva (animallover)
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You shouldn';t have an alarm in your house. the burglar will be likely to show up. and you should have some expensive stuff in your house.
Answered at 06:12 on Wednesday 14 March 2007 by Liaa Ramirez (smurfrevolt)
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