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can sims in sims 2 have limos or helicopters cuz i cant find any.if u can plz tell how !!thx!
Asked at 22:58 on Tuesday 4 July 2006 by prettykitty252 Report this Question

3 Answers
they get to ride in them when they are at the top of their career track. i'm sure u could download some somewhere. nightlife has a truck, van, sports car and few other cars. no limo or helicopter to purchase.
Answered at 04:58 on Thursday 6 July 2006 by toni (plastic284)
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You don'y usaully see a limo but if somebody is popular and has a lot of money then they can order a limo. :¬)
Answered at 14:04 on Friday 9 February 2007 by Andrew (frank21)
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When teens sneak out, if the teen they are sneaking out with is wealthy, he or she usually will come around in a limo, if not, just a regular Saab looking car. Haha.
Answered at 07:09 on Thursday 22 March 2007 by Liaa Ramirez (smurfrevolt)
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