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i htink they should make on that you can go to beaches like hot date and more talking opions and sunbathe and stuff like that. they should also on that make it so you can drive dun buggys on the beach!!
Asked at 18:46 on Friday 4 August 2006 by taylor (ndnumber1fan) Report this Question

3 Answers
On the new expansion seasons, there will be beaches and ice so YIPPEEEEE!!!!!
Answered at 17:02 on Sunday 11 February 2007 by Andrew (frank21)
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yeah cool that sounds awesome(thanks i knew it had seasons but i didnt know if it had this kind of stuff, or anything like it!)
Answered at 22:04 on Monday 12 February 2007 by taylor (ndnumber1fan)
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hi i was wondering can u install
sims 2 and hotdate or unleashed and sims2 will play hotdate or unleashed like i dosnt hav to be sims 1 to play hotdate dose it???? canu u play hot date with sims 2?
Answered at 15:09 on Thursday 21 February 2008 by simone (babyblix)
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