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I am building a house and once I close off all the walls the rooms become dark which is normal, but usually once I add windows the rooms become bright again but mine are not. What is wrong and how do I fix this without leaving a section of wall off?
Asked at 22:31 on Tuesday 15 August 2006 by Emily (enug0309) Report this Question

3 Answers
try putting in lights. you can buy those at the "BUY" section. If the room doesn't brighten right away, it will once the Sim steps into it.

Hope it helps,
Answered at 02:51 on Wednesday 16 August 2006 by Diana Shumey (Cheer482)
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Yeah I know that but normally the rooms are naturally lit during the daytime. I don't get why they are so dark now.
Answered at 05:13 on Wednesday 16 August 2006 by Emily (enug0309)
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sometimes its the type of windows, or where they're positioned. otherwise its just a gamefault and tere isn't anything you can do about it...exept maybe re-installing it....BUT i don't recommend doing that without reading the instructions first.. i deleted files that shouldn't have been deleted and now all of my games are ruined!!
Answered at 15:43 on Tuesday 22 August 2006 by liam (lanky_liam)
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