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i installed the sims 1 and it worked, my computer got restarted and we lost all r programs, i tried 2 install sims again cos i got a new extansion pack, but it wont let my install the game
Asked at 17:51 on Saturday 26 August 2006 by emma (harrysdragontam) Report this Question

1 Answer
Make sure that ALL the files for The Sims were lost.

First go to

C:/Program Files/Maxis/The Sims

and see if there are any files there. If there is, then look for a file named "Sims" It will be an EXE or an Application file. If this file is there, double click on it. If The Sims loads, then you didn't lose the folders and files.

If The Sims is still there, then just procede with the installation of the new expansion pack.

If The Sims isn't there, then you may have to download a program called Cleanser. This program was created for The Sims to erase the registry files so the game could be reinstalled.

You can find it here:


Answered at 03:40 on Saturday 14 October 2006 by Anthony Ambuehl (TheAnimal)
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