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What's Linux
Asked at 14:19 on Wednesday 3 January 2007 by Andrew (frank21) Report this Question

3 Answers
Linux is like windows but it doesn't have the same things like windows like microsoft word and is set up differently. I don't know if it accepts games or any thing like that. It is just a alternative instead of windows
Answered at 20:40 on Sunday 20 May 2007 by Joseph Fitzpatrick (hardthisis)
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Linux is actually just the name of an open source runtime kernel and is more stable than windows (especially vista). The desktop comes in a few different flavours, but the most popular are GNOME and KDE. I would NOT recommend making the switch to Linux unless you have need for more programming power or no need for gaming capabilities (there are a few good games out there for Linux, Unreal 2004 and Doom 3 run natively on it out-of-box, but mostly I have other free ones I found on the net)
Answered at 19:06 on Sunday 17 June 2007 by stephen (Fallen_Demon)
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