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What weather will you get in the new expansion pack Seasons.
Asked at 18:29 on Thursday 4 January 2007 by Andrew (frank21) Report this Question

4 Answers
well you can see it if you watch the trailers and stuff, but from what i hear there's gonna be rain and snow. you can also get a sunburn during the summer.

oh and thunderstorms. they appear (with lightning) when its raining.
Answered at 23:10 on Friday 26 January 2007 by Jackie (Littilmouse)
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You can get snow , hail stones , thundering and lightening **watch out sometimes it causes fire !** , sun ** burns you over time ** , Autmn where you can jump in leaves , winter , and spring .
Watch the thermometer if it gets too red make a smoothie :-) if it gets too blue make a nice hot chocolate for your sim .

Answered at 18:23 on Sunday 4 March 2007 by tom (kizzidea)
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whenever there has been lightning my bushes alwasy catch on fire grrrrrrrrrrr >:( the snow rules tho!
Answered at 20:15 on Monday 5 March 2007 by Lewis (L3W1S)
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winter- it snows, and hails.
you can play outside and make a snowman, snow angel, and have snow ball fights.. also these weird penguins randomly come by your house and in it. lol.

spring- rains, storms with lightening, and thunder. you can get struck by lightening on this too.

summer- really hot, and you can get sunburned, not sure how though.

fall- leaves fall, you have to rake your yard, or play in the leaves.

Answered at 22:30 on Sunday 3 August 2008 by Jasmine (jasmineohhh)
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