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Need the secret to the secret spells? well find it here.
Asked at 22:28 on Tuesday 5 June 2007 by Amanda (Amanda_Rockz) Report this Question

4 Answers
i have searched all over this forum for the secret to the secret spells and was unable to find it. so i made my own. heres the thing: there are 12 ingredients per charm or spell right? and any combination in 3's of each could be a unknown spell or charm right? seems inpossible doesnt it? well its not. i labled all the ingredients from 1 to 12 for spells and charms (make 2 lists. 1 spells 1 charms do not mix) and just made a list of all the possible combinations in 3. once you get started it isnt hard at all. i came up with 360 possible combinations in 20-40 min (cant remember exactly) and i am almost possitive i got them all sence order of the ingredients doesnt matter. to help orginize things its easyer to put it in order from smaller number to larger EX: instead of 482 make it 248 ect,. things are getting clearer arnt they? hmm well once i got that out of the way useing the numbered ingredients i crossed off the codes allready in the spell book, (toadafication, bueaty or beast, enchant, ect). now i have 2 lists of 360 sets of ingredients with a small amount crossed off. what to do? simple! collect about 5 of each ingredient, more if you want things to go faster (SAVE FIRST!!) and start plugging them in crossing off all failed combinations. numbers are easyer to work with and take up less room than writing down the full name of each item. once you have run out of ingredients go to lot mode and go back in to start again. MAKE SURE YOU DONT SAVE YOUR FAILED ATTEMPTS OR YOU WILL HAVE TO COLLETE ALL YOUR INGREDIENTS AGAIN!!

i will help get you started on your list:
(1,1,1) (1,1,2) (1,1,3) (1,1,4) (1,1,5) (1,1,6) (1,1,7) (1,1,8) (1,1,9) (1,1,10) (1,1,11) (1,1,12)
go like this all the way to 12. None of the numbers repeat see?
now you should have 144 combinations out of the 360.
Next i went in order from smallest number to largest.
(1,2,3) (1,2,4) (1,2,5) (1,2,6) (1,2,7) (1,2,8) (1,2,9) (1,2,10) (1,2,11) (1,2,12) is the next set you should come up wtih. going on with the next set: (1,3,4) (oops what happend to (1,3,2)?? remember we used that in the last combination and its easyer to sort your numbers from smallest to largest so that doesnt happen. (1,3,5) (1,3,6)... to start with combinations of 2: (2,3,4) you cant use any number to start that because any number less is allready used for example (2,1,3) is used as (1,2,3) and order does not matter so to save you time always start with the number ahead of the first one. (1,2,3) (2,3,4) (3,4,5) (5,6,7) and so on so as not to repeat numbers and you get everything inbetween.

This is my plan and it will take a few days to test each combination but i will try to have a list of the secret spells soon.

PS. useing this method i first tried it on the kids spells because 4 ingredients is a lot less to work with than 12. I came up with 20 combinations and none of them worked so it is my belief the children do not have any secret spells even though they have space for them...i dont know. it could be they need to be in a really good mood for expirmental spells to work so i will try again after i do the adult spells.

If anyone has any questions on my method please feel free to e-mail me at Tweeky123_rockz@yahoo.com (please make sure to leave a good subject so i will know its a real person and not a bot or spam)
Answered at 23:02 on Tuesday 5 June 2007 by Amanda (Amanda_Rockz)
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Answered at 21:45 on Saturday 21 July 2007 by Andrew (Dragonman)
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actually sorry to say everyone, but it doesn't really work. i mean, that was a smart cheat right there, but actually there are 21 adult spells and 9 kid spells, so using numbers will mean that at some point you will accedentially to 2 of the same... usually no one understands that consept so ill make it very clear:

Answered at 07:01 on Friday 4 January 2008 by Angelica419
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are there really secret spells like that? other than the normal ones.. i know there are 2 secret recipes that appear in the *cook*book once you've made them (magic tart and magic nectar, which i have found don't actually work, but anyway)
but are there really spells that you can find if you just randomly try out combinations of ingredients? it (no offence) sounds pretty stupid & far-fetched that that;s actutally in the game...
i mean, why would they do that.. there's *SOOOOOO* many possible combinations... would take so long to try them all!
Answered at 03:41 on Tuesday 17 February 2009 by tegan (edwardplanet)
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