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GIVE ME TIPS!!!! Hey any tips or cheats are welcomed for Sims 2 or the sims 2 seasons expansion pack! I have also posted 2 other quetions! Pleez find them and answer them! Thx!
Asked at 05:58 on Friday 29 June 2007 by bmio1 Report this Question

2 Answers
Twins -

type forcetwins
during labour
Answered at 13:35 on Thursday 13 September 2007 by Alex (FunkyMonkeyAlex)
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Have you heard of the cheat 'boolProp testingcheatsEnabled true'? Type it in on the neighborhood screen and take note of the caps and spaces. The possibilities are endless with this cheat. You can get higher job levels, be friends with the whole neighborhood, fall in love, have a baby(s), force an error, make your Sim ghost like, add other Sims to the family, and so much more. Explore the cheat by holding down SHIFT and clicking on either the mailbox, a Sim, or the newspaper - see what you can do! :)
Answered at 18:44 on Friday 25 July 2008 by Snazzy-Sim
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