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I have a family, and the baby always looks like the dad. is there anyway i can make her have a baby with at least a few of her features too? i want him to be the father though!
Asked at 09:24 on Monday 23 July 2007 by Alex (FunkyMonkeyAlex) Report this Question

3 Answers
Mine is like that too. I wonder why though................
Answered at 15:44 on Monday 23 July 2007 by Andrew (Dragonman)
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This is a glitch with the original game (I think, it stopped after I got an expension)

It stays the same usually until the second-gen sims have babies. (when the original sims' kid has a baby)

Maybe if you download an update from the official EA website, genetics will be fixed.
Answered at 18:41 on Saturday 1 December 2007 by Dokitaro (dokitaro)
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Nope none of these. At least once each time you log in to sims 2 go to make a family option. Make two adults. Then use the pacifier option to randomize your childs features. I usually click it a couple of times for effect. :-) This seems to help tell the program that you want randomized looks for your sims. It has helped with my kids and I have had some darn good looking sims come out from mom and dad. :-)
Answered at 18:04 on Tuesday 18 March 2008 by Supervisor
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